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Abakombe Tours and Safaris 是一家位于坦桑尼亚阿鲁沙的地接社,其团队在坦桑尼亚旅游业拥有多年丰富经验。Abakombe Tours and Safaris 提供的服务涵盖坦桑尼亚最受欢迎的目的地:乞力马扎罗山,梅鲁山攀登、野生动物游猎、莫西和阿鲁沙城镇游览、桑岛海滩度假、以及马赛部落文化之旅。其本地专业的团队充满热情,致力于为您提供最好的服务,让您可以充分感受到坦桑尼亚这个国家的独特魅力。

Abakombe Tours and Safaris is the locally owned and company. Our main focus is to providing memorable experiences for our guests visiting from around the word. We strive to bring a human connection to the beautiful country of Tanzania and Zanzibar. We take pride in educating our visitor bout the native culture and beauty of the land. Whether you have been to Tanzania before or this is your first safari trip, we can create a personalized itinerary that meets the need of you and your family’s vacation plan. Please come visit our website and give us this opportunity and we will take you beyond your expectations for the experience of a life time as we always aim and compete to be the best in our services!

Abakombe Tours is a registered Tour Operator since 2013, Registration no 266436 and Tourism License (TALA) no. 126574 based in Tanzania offering services in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.We have more than 7 years of experience in the tourism industry. We employ more than 30 people inclusively we arrange customized trip specifically suited to our client(s) desire. Each of our Tanzanian safaris and Kenya wildlife tours.



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