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Awesome Wild Adventure 在坦桑尼亚提供野生动物游猎、徒步旅行和海滩度假等活动。


Awesome Wild Adventure 将根据您的兴趣和预算提供量身定制的行程。Jackson Vegulla和Amos Bupuga在坦桑尼亚、肯尼亚、乌干达、卢旺达和布隆迪拥有20多年的向导经验。我们将带您走过海岸线、山脉、丛林和平原,Awsome Wild Adventure 为个人和团体制定标准和个性化的行程:

• 野生动物之旅 - 北部环线 - 南部环线/西部环线 - 肯尼亚环线

• 登山 - 乞力马扎罗山 - 梅鲁山 - 肯尼亚山

• 徒步旅行 - 恩戈罗恩戈罗高原 - 伦盖山脉 - 乌桑巴拉山脉 - 帕雷山脉 - 蒙自里山

• 体验坦桑尼亚 - 文化体验 - 温暖的热带海滩 - 潜水和水上运动

Awesome Wild Adventure deals with both Safaris, Trekking, Beaches in Tanzania, East Africa.

Tanzania is a country of great diversity and has much to offer as a holiday destination. It is a land of mountains, wide open spaces, abundant wildlife and tropical sandy beaches. With a history dating back to the evolution of mankind its warm hospitable people are a colourful mixture of different tribal and religious backgrounds, offering you a varied cultural experience as well as spectacular wildlife. We are confident that whatever your interests you will find Tanzania a fascinating and memorable country.

When it comes to realizing the perfect East Africa experience, Awesome Wild Adventure is your partner in planning and in the field. Jackson Vegulla and Amos Bupuga holds over 20 years experience as a tour operator in Tanzania Kenya Uganda Rwanda and Burundi.

Together they help Arusha base clients to organize tailor-made itineraries ensuring your holiday in the field meets your expectations. By discussing your interests and budget before you go you can be sure to get exactly what you are looking for in East Africa.


Taking you to coastlines, mountains, jungles and open plains, Awsome Wild Adventure arranges both standard tours and personalized itineraries for individuals and groups with a focus on quality and value. We have a wealth of detailed information on tours and we welcome inquiries, so please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or obligation-free expert-advice to help you plan your trip.

• Wildlife Safaris - Northern Circuit - Southern Circuit/Western Circuit - Kenya Circuit

• Mountain Climbing - Mt Kilimanjaro - Mt Meru - Mt Kenya

• Walking & Trekking - Tailored Walking Tours - Ngoro Ngoro Highlands - Lengai Mountain Ranges - Usambara Mountains - Pare Mountains
 - Monduli Mountains

• Experience Tanzania - Cultural experiences - Warm tropical beaches - Diving & watersports


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