Lappet Faced Safaris


地接社:Lappet Faced Safaris

地址:Sanawari, Arusha


** Lappet 承诺:为通过“畅行非洲”平台预定其游猎项目的客户提供折扣优惠。


我是 Francisco Raymond,拥有野生动物管理高级文凭并经过专业的野外急救培训,也是Lappet Faced Safaris地接社的创始人。我曾在乞力马扎罗山和梅鲁山担任过2年的背夫,并进而担任4年的首席登山导游。我邀请您来到拥有乞力马扎罗山、塞伦盖蒂和桑给巴尔的美丽国度 坦桑尼亚,一起探索自然、体验文化和分享我们的非洲故事。我和我的团队致力于为您提供优质的服务,一旦您选择Lappet Faced Safaris,我们将竭诚为您服务!

Francisco Raymond is the owner and Tour organizer of Lappet Faced Safaris, He was born 1988, he holds Advanced Diploma in Wildlife management and certificate in First Aid. He has been in the managerial role of Lappet Face·d Safaris since December 2011.

He worked as porter for 2 years in Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru also as a chief Guide for 4 years.  He would like to invite you to the Land of Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar to Explore Nature, culture and share the African experiences.

He and his team are dedicated to provide excellent services once you select Lappet Faced Safaris to be your main host while travelling and enjoying your holidays in Tanzania. His hobbies are hiking, camping, sharing ideas, swimming, reading, travelling, exploring nature and learning others languages. 


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