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地接社:Maryo Tours

地址:P.O. Box 1671 Moshi Tanzania - East Africa


** Maryo Tours 承诺:为通过“畅行非洲”平台预定其游猎项目的客户提供折扣优惠。


Maryo Tours Is an inbound Tour company based in Moshi, Tanzania we are specialized in organizing Safaris and trekking to the best Destinations in Tanzania? As a best tour company we organized Individual and group tour for the clients worldwide and also personalized packages due to the needs of client. Innocent is the owner of maryotours he operating at all market levels, and know what works and what combinations of areas and accommodations he will give you the best safari at the best price your most welcome maryotours.

Although game drives still form a major part of every safari, almost every area we travel to allow for exploration on foot, where the local tribes are still "unspoilt" and true cultural interaction is possible. On our safaris you are not confined to doing the same thing every day. Instead we can be flexible, taking into account the area, the wildlife movements and adjusting our activities to suit your own preferences.

Our guides all have many years of experience running safaris and are rigorously trained to be wildlife experts. Your guide will be your host and friend throughout your safari.

Maryo Tours 是一家位于坦桑尼亚莫西的地接社,我们专业组织坦桑尼亚探险和徒步旅行。我们为世界各地的客户组织个人和团队旅游,并根据客户的需求,提供个性化的旅游套餐。

在Safari时,虽然大部分时间都是在乘车游猎,但在几乎每一个地区,我们都尽可能提供步行探索的机会,和当地"未被破坏 "的原始部落进行真正的文化互动。在旅行中,我们会根据当地的情况和野生动物的活动情况,灵活地调整行程安排,以适应您的喜好。


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