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地接社:Monkey Adventures

地址:Plot No. 23-H, New Street, Near The Zebra Hotel, PO Box 157, Moshi, Tanzania




** Monkey Adventures 承诺:为通过“畅行非洲”平台预定其游猎项目的客户提供折扣优惠。


Monkey Adventures 地接社可提供野生动物游猎,乞力马扎罗登山和海滩度假等旅行项目。我们在肯尼亚,坦桑尼亚和乌干达设有办事处。我们提供2天至20天的旅行路线,专注于野生动物游猎,并提供追踪动物大迁徙之旅,我们全年跟踪200万牛羚穿越塞伦盖蒂 - 马赛马拉生态系统,确保您可以在最佳的时间和地点见证这一伟大的自然奇观。我们致力于为客人提供绝对的安全保障,我们提供符合国际标准的车辆(4x4 Land cruisers),并与经过认证,经验丰富的向导,背夫合作。客户满意是我们的核心理念。通过与东非300多家酒店和营地的合作,我们可以快速为您以最优惠的价格量身打造一个完美的行程。

Monkey Adventures is a professionally managed tour operator in East Africa (Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda), offering Safari Tours and Kilimanjaro climbs & beach vacations. We have offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

We offer tours ranging from 2 days to 20 days and we specialise in cross country safari itineraries and offer migration safaris where we follow the 2 million wildebeest on their epic journey through the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem throughout the year.

We are committed to absolute safety for our guests and we provide vehicles(4x4 Landcruisers, minivans, transfer vehicles) & equipment that meet international standards & work with certified, experienced & well paid guides, porters. Client satisfaction is our core philosophy & our staff is rewarded based on client feedback always. Working with over 300 lodges & camps across East Africa, we can quickly tailor make a perfect itinerary for you at best prices you can find anywhere.


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