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地址:P.O Box 784 Arusha – Tanzania



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Njofu Expedition 是一家经验丰富的旅游公司,总部位于阿鲁沙,这里是前往坦桑尼亚北部国家公园游猎的必经门户。我们专业提供坦桑尼亚,肯尼亚和乌干达野生动物游猎,徒步探险,文化之旅,一日游,乞力马扎罗山,肯尼亚山和梅鲁山攀登等服务。

我们会根据您的时间和预算制定最佳行程。我们所有的登山和野生动物Safari向导都会说流利的英语、德语、西班牙语、法语、意大利语和中文。我们的员工都非常热情,知识渊博,且训练有素。作为Njofu Expedition公司的首席向导,我有超过15年的经验,帮助了众多冒险爱好者登上乞力马扎罗山顶和在坦桑尼亚各地的野生动物保护区游猎。我们将把您当做家人一样对待,在 Njofu Expedition,我们以认真负责的态度对待您的旅行,并将尽我们的一切力量为您提供终身难忘的冒险之旅。


Njofu Expedition is an experienced tour company owned by experienced Tanzanian Tour operator based in Arusha Tanzania. Our strategic location in Arusha gives us competitive and comparative advantages of serving our visitors better while on East Africa Wildlife Safaris, Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, Mount Elgon and Mount Meru Trekking for a reasonable and affordable price. We have specialized in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda Wildlife Safaris, Trekking Safaris, Cultural Tours, Day Trips, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya climbing and Meru Trekking.

Booking with us will guarantee you the best itinerary for your time of year and budget. All our mountain climbing and safari guides speak fluent English, Germany, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese languages. We are all skilled, knowledgeable and well trained about wildlife safaris, Mountain climbing, Trekking, Beach safari etc. We will share with you throughout your adventures in East African countries namely Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.As head guide of Njofu Expedition, I have over 15 years of experience in tourism, and help thousands of adventurers reach the summit of Kilimanjaro and other safari destinations all over the country. Our staff of experienced mountain and safari guides will treat you like family. We at Njofu Expedition take your adventure seriously and will do everything in our power to ensure that you adventure is memorable and worry free.

Thanks to you and Happy Traveling!



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