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地接社:Vimat Safaris

地址:P.O Box 11980, Arusha, Tanzania





** Vimat Safaris 承诺:为通过“畅行非洲”平台预定其游猎项目的客户提供折扣优惠。


Vimat Safari 是一家在坦桑尼亚当地发展迅速的地接社,总部位于阿鲁沙,致力于为客户提供物超所值的服务。我们友好而乐于助人的员工将为您提供有关行程的介绍及背景信息,并准备随时回答您的所有问题。我们的目标是为客户提供宾至如归的感觉,我们与所有的国家公园保持紧密联系,确保您的旅行一切顺利,并怀揣着美好的回忆结束难忘的坦桑尼亚之旅。

Vimat Safaris is the newest and a fast growing luxury Destination Management Company (DMC) in Tanzania. It's run by industry professionals born, bred and trained in the hospitality industry in Tanzania – no one knows this land better! Secondly, we offer "off the beaten track" products which make us stand out. Thirdly, small personalized operations ensure complete customer satisfaction thus guarantees repeat business and a strong brand. Lastly, our contact database in East Africa with suppliers & other stakeholders ensures, the best competitive rates thus offering value for money to our clients.

Our trained and experienced multi-lingual staff is on hand at all times to meet and assist our clients. Our friendly, helpful staff will provide an informative briefing on the itinerary with background information and ready to answer all questions. Our emphasis is to make our clients feel at home; miles away from home. We keep tabs with the clients on safari to ensure all is ok. Customer feedback is a critical activity to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and our team of Customer Relations Executive ensures almost 90% collection of the customer feedback questionnaire. All collected feedback questionnaires are perused and responded by the Managing Director personally – also shared with the entire team.


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